Pirelli Rally 2016 – In memory of Henri Toivonen

The Finnish Rally Championship ends to Pirelli Rally at September 2016, organized by the Tampere Autosport Club – association celebrating 60 years of operations in the Finnish oldest Autosport – association.


Photo: Marko Mäkinen


Henri Toivonen was borned 1956 as Tampere Autosport Club was founded,  and when this star passed out, has three decades. Already a year ago, idea was born to honor Henri Toivonen´s career with the Pirelli Rally 2016.

”In memory of Henri Toivonen will be presence through the whole rally. We want to provide an opportunity for rally followers recalls the career of Henkka” said Assistant Clerk of the Course Toni Mäkinen.


Why Pirelli Rally Tampere?

Sure, ”Henkka´s” name can be found in the Tampere Autosport Club organized rallies honor table when he won at the Tampere Rally 1978.

Tampere´s FRC rallies since 2013 has been identity from former 1000 Lakes stages where ”Henkka” was always very strong.

”Henri was always made straight and strong plans for the 1000 Lakes and usually he made decision to go flat out at the night stages, where was located in 1000 Lakes Rally Tampere area – section” recalls Harri Toivonen brother of Henri.

So in this year rally there will be stage where Henri was always very fast. Route of the rally and supplementary regulations will be published at 15/7/2016.


Mr. Harri Toivonen and Pirelli Rally´s organizing committee chairman Mr. Erkki ”Nortti” Lehtinen


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Pirelli Ralli, communication
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Finnish Rally Championship final 2015 was full of new horizons


When you take the Rally HQ and Rally Service Area to local Fair Centre as well as output of the first special stage Teivo horse racing track, it let’s not much more functional premises in Tampere can´t be found.

A different matter if you move the whole palette to Central Square, where last year’s Pirelli Rally was placed only Rally Prize Giving ceremonies.  Of course, admit that in the course of these Tampere Autosport club´s organized rally are located, and the starts took place well in the middle of the city, but without exception, restrictions have been imposed by the fact that this is the place to narrow hotel milieus. Well, truth be told once, in 2004, rally was started from Central Square. Now, the starting point was the use of the facilities, which are ”the broad walls and high ceiling” that is, that the operation of the primary problem is not the lack of space.

After all, this was the target

It should be noted that the Tampere Exhibition & Sports Centre and Teivo horse track wans´t the very first time emerged Tampere Autosport club´s rally in discussing the figures. Olihan molemmista ollut ns. After all, both have been called. Of course, both the surroundings rally has previously visited once, although not Tampere Autosport club action.  Teivo horse track gently exploring a race track for the opening of the time, but the time is not ripe at that time was not known Exhibition and Sports direction was opened up.  Well, times are changing and the new winds blowing.  SM-level competition as well as built around it, the parties to a satisfactory co-operation pattern made the impossible possible.  Of course, this also did demand mindedness.  Such as, for example, the fact that asphalt is pulled hippodrome.



Photo: Timo Palokangas



Photo: Timo Palokangas

All in all, it should be noted that Teivo horse track project was a ”new dimension”, which opened to ouor rally now and in the future, unimagined possibilities.  Reaching this is the result of persistent work, which falls mainly thanks to the clerk of the coure Toni Mäkinen.  We all know during the project there was a lot of ”pain of creation” and of despair, but the finish was reached with honor!

And what is further?  The project was not envisaged in the disposable.  It is of course so that in addition to the creation of the conditions of such a ”disposable-SS’s” Building a framework requires a fair amount of hard work and joint citizen action.  For those involved, without naming anyone specifically, to rule a big thank you.  And as far as to be continued, the front is another new construction.

New winds in terms of route

Rally route has not a lot of room for improvement, but something to reform, however, and in fact considerable.  SS Savo, one of this region’s rally road´s ”crown jewel” was run twice, which in itself was nothing special, but when you were in different  driving directions, on the other hand it was.  This is FRC level never before tried.  Although the trick a little in advance of senior officials nervous, so similar to the Savo-based hard road it is managed with ease.  As a rule, the route followed the road network in 2014, only Koivulahti was changed to Västila, but still took place in line ”Legendary stages of 1000 Lakes”.



Photo: Taneli Niinimäki


Pirelli Rally 2015




Finnish Rally Championship final will start from horse racetrack


Teivo horse race center will increase the usual one-horsepower several hundred rally cars when Pirelli Rally will starts from race track at coming September.

Tampere Autosport Club (Tampereen Urheiluautoilijat) and Tampereen Ravirata Oy (Tampere Race Track company) have signed an agreement what will bring in Tampere from 25th to 26th of September Finnish Rally Championship final, Pirelli Rally, to start from Teivo horse race center. Rally competition will start on Friday evening 25.9. from racetrack grandstand in front of the special stage. The car No 1 will drive to start podium at 6pm (ceremonial start), move to the holding area, and from there to the Super Special Stage 1 Teivo will start at 6.31pm (No 1).

Approximately two-km special stage comprises an actual racetrack. After that SSS 1 competitors will continue to the SS 2 what is one old legendary 1000 Lakes road.

Competitors will struggle in front of spectators and spectating is easy from inside Teivo racetrack – spectating house, so possible rainy autumn weather can´t block this experience.  

”This rally event is new acquaintance for Teivo horse race center. We were looking for confirmation of the suitability of the rally racing on horse race tracks with similar competitions are organized. E.g. Stockholm Solvalla rallycross race, we were advised that the asphalt on critical phases on racetrack is good solution to protect the horse racetrack, as well as the surface materials increases before and after the rally are good ideas. This will ensure that the track is not out of the normal use for coaching the horses than a couple of days” says Managing Director of Teivo horse race center Mr. Kimmo Thuneberg.

Only a week after Pirelli Rally, Saturday, 3.10, Teivo will organize T 76 horse race.

”Immediately after the rally cars are moved off from the venue we will start renovation works. This is done according to the plan drawn up in advance and can be considered as a guarantee of our desire to be a welcome Teivo horse race center in the coming years also” says the Clerk of the Course Mr. Toni Mäkinen.

This year 2015, Pirelli Rally, Finnish Rally Championship final competition is also part of the Nordic countries, the Baltic States and Russia covering FIA NEZ (North European Zone) Rally Championship. The rally includes four personal FRC-class addition to the usual national classes, as well as with the Swedish Volvo´s will compete on Mekonomen VOC-class Nordic West Euro Cup series.