Parking in Tampere

P-HÄMPPI parking

How to drive to P-Hämppi



Address: Ratapihankatu 39 C, Tampere


Address: Pellavatehtaankatu 6 A, Tampere

Located underneath Hämeenkatu street and offering a total of 972 parking spaces, P-Hämppi serves those living in and frequenting the Tampere city centre. Located by the Tullinramppi entrance at the Pakkahuoneenaukio square, Noutoparkki, which has a capacity of 62 spaces, caters for the needs of park-and-ride customers using the services of the state-owned railways, VR. Besides easy and carefree parking, the spacious and bright P-Hämppi offers a host of services and easy passage to the city centre’s services in a pleasant and safe environment.



Spaces and passages

There are two entrance/exit passages to the P-Hämppi: Tullinramppi at Pakkahuoneenaukio square, and Ronganramppi on Pellavatehtaankatu street. Near the railway station, the Noutoparkki serves VR railway customers. There are nine walkways from P-Hämppi to the street level. In addition, there are also two stairways reserved for emergency exit only, located at Posteljooninpuisto park and Pakkahuoneenaukio square.To facilitate orienteering, the underground parking area is divided into two sections: Tullinpääty at the east end of Hämeenkatu street, and Koskenpääty near Tammerkoski rapids. There are two floors in the cave: first floor and Parvi gallery. To make parking easier, P-Hämppi is divided into seven colour-coded sectors.

Parking as a part of the service chain

The wide range of services make parking at P-Hämppi pleasant and comfortable. P-Hämppi offers fluent passage to the businesses in the area. There is also a wide range of services from kiosks and stores to restaurants within the parking area.